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    Hitchhiker is VRISM’s first wearable collection of 3D NFT sneakers on Ethereum and designed for space explorers. VRIUM is a material essential in making and reinforcing Hitchhiker sneakers. Hitchhiker is the beginning of one’s journey of limitless adventure between planets to mine VRIUM.



    All stories in XENO-V(universe) begin with the discovery of VRIUM. It is a new material discovered by the Space Development Research Center (SDRC). It is a digitally transformable substance and achieve the speed of light when combined with sneakers. The story will be presented around this material and as a start, we introduce two types of 10K Hitchhiker sneakers made from VRIUM.


    1st sale genesis sneakers


    Saturn’s father was in charge of a classified project enabling individual-level space travel using VRIUM found in the planets explored so far. The Genesis sneakers were left by him, who worked as the head of the SDRC. Saturn began his research to reproduce the sneakers based on his research materials. However, in the process of combing VRIUM, he ended up ruining the sneakers, which made him run into difficulties. To raise funds for his research, he had no choice but to auction 777 items his father left behind.

    February, 2022

    Dutch auction


    2nd sale Reinforceable sneakers


    The Genesis Sneakers were used to start the space exploration in advance. After all, Saturn succeeded in developing the 9223 Reinforceable Sneakers like no others. The space explorers with Reinforceable Sneakers accelerated their exploration speed even more by enhancing them using VRIUM.

    February, 2022

    Fixed price (TBD)


    Discovery of

    In 2121, on Callisto,Saturn's father, the head of the Space Development Research Center (SDRC), died ten years ago in an unknown explosion at the building. Since then, the center has been left closed and unattended. But when Saturn turned 19 years old, his father's past colleague secretly invited him to enter the Space Development Research Center together. That’s where he found the data of 'project Hitchhiker' and 777 pairs of genesis sneakers. Much of the data was lost, but enough was left to continue the research.

    • XenoV, our universe, is the parallel universe of Dark Forest.

    • SDRC discovered 11 planets spread out in the space where VRIUM can be mined. But their location data got lost in the explosion, which is why exploration is such an important process in this project.

    • VRIUM is a substance that does not exist in Callisto, and it is free to transform digitally.
    • 777 pairs of personal space exploration sneakers using VRIUM were secretly developed, and wearing sneakers combined with VRIUM enables moving close to light speed in space.


    1. Tokenomics

      The token sale that will strengthen / stabilize the foundation of our ecosystem is being planned. Stay updated through our community channels!

    2. Launch of Crypto Game

      Explore the space in search for Vrium. This game is in development with respect to ‘Dark Forest’, one of the most inspiring ZK games.

    3. Metaverse/Artist Collaboration

      We hope your avatar can freely wear these sneakers on many metaverse platforms. Collaborations with various artists are on their way, too.

    4. Story & Roadmap update

      As our story based on Hitchhiker Sneakers expands, our roadmap will also update accordingly.